The Boy Who Lived

Hey there, it’s me.

The one called by everyone as a loser. Someone who is known for being a weakling. A boy who was told that he can never be somebody.

I am a young lad who lived in hell, because of my “home” was made up of the Dursleys. The Dursleys are the worst people you can ever meet. They have this annoying son, who happens to be my spoiled, chubby, and ALWAYS hungry cousin. His parents, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon are to blame for him. They pamper him like a baby even though he is obviously old (and literally big) enough to take care of himself. Unfortunately, I had to live with them.

But that was before. All of those were just glimpses of my past.

My big break came one day as I realized that I am not “one” of them. I am a wizard. I knew this when people kept on shaking my hand when I was on my way to Diagon Alley where I have to buy my supplies for school. I was shocked by how people knew my name and be glad to meet me even in my memory, I haven’t met any of those people before. Then Hagrid (a tall, enormous man who claimed to be my keeper), told me that I am not ordinary.

Because now that I am known as someone who defeated death, the unbelievable popularity of my name has spread all throughout a world that I didn’t even knew existed before.

All of them dubbed me as “The Boy Who Lived.”

And what I meant by “all of them” is actually pertaining to the whole Wizarding World. Having known as someone who cheated on the Grim Reaper’s game, I still haven’t understood the idea of being someone special. Not that I ignore the praises and claims they bombard me with; it’s just that, I know myself as just Harry Potter.

Just Harry.

Nothing changed, well for me, when everybody knew who I am. People started to see me as someone who is well-known, smart, strong, witty, and all of the other things you could describe a wizarding prodigy. But I know for myself that at the bottom of my heart, I am still just the simple boy who lived with what they call ‘muggles‘ or the non-magic folk, who learned that in a counter reality that he is the hope of the many.

So as I get to contemplate everything that has happened to me at this point; having to defeat the darkest wizard of all time, I still believe that I am just Harry.

But if you come to think of it, I know for a fact that I am better. With the help of my really good friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, whom I met when I was on the train on my way to school, I started to realize that I still had the same heart as before, but now with a braver character.

With all the adventures that we’ve been through; the happiest, saddest, most challenging, most demanding, and life-changing adventures anyone could ever imagine, we had to make the toughest decisions and sacrifices. Family and friends were lost, but I keep them in mind as the loved ones who helped me win the battle of death.

And now, I am writing this down to let you know that nobody is ever really a nobody. Even if you have these fights with yourself, thinking that you will never be good enough for someone or something, the things that will help keep you going are just within your reach.

Your family. Your friends. And you.

Because look at me, who would ever see me as the one saving the magical world before?

So keep your head up, because you are already somebody. Maybe not in this world, but you sure are in another one’s eyes.

Sincerely Yours,
Just Harry


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