The Golden Trio

Harry. Ron. Hermione.

Their unbreakble bond of friendship will forever be an epitome of love for all Potterheads.

Though some may be skeptical about a two-boy-one-girl friendship having to be the set as the example for the true meaning of love, these three magical people broke all the stereotypes that come along with their unconventional relationship. As they embodied the true spirit of being an inseparable trio, they managed to show everyone that as long as you choose carefully and at the same time let destiny bring all of you together, you will end up with the right squad. You just have to let life happen.

There are many awesome people in this world, not just in another alternate reality that we sometimes fantasise ourselves in. I bet you can meet your own group of Harry, Ron and Hermione with the help of your own self in making it an effort to try and go out there. Meet other people. Don’t be afraid that you won’t blend in with them. Dare to be different. Because the real ones will accept you for who you are, no matter how weird or crazy you can be.

Personally, this is how I met my constants at this point of my twisted life right now.

It was just any other busy life for a student like me, just thinking about how many more requirements I need to accomplish for tomorrow’s deadline and how much sleep I would get that night. After listing all of the things I need to do that day, I decided to rest for a while and help myself get relaxed by fixing my study table.

My table is just as messy as any other student who crams requirements and chases deadlines, with papers scattered everywhere and pens just lying around every corner. I was just about to finish cleaning when I noticed a picture of me and two of my best friends pasted on top of my table.

This is when I realized that I am a part of a “golden trio.”

It’s funny to suddenly daydream about how the three of us met since I’ve got a lot of things to do at that time but I just can’t help but realise how lucky I am to have two of the smartest, corniest, and best-est friends right by my side. Nobody in our small group expected that we’d turn out to be the constants of each other in facing the rollercoaster life both inside and outside the school.

So as we spent every single day with each other, I now cherish my everyday moments with them since then.

We are admittedly weird, being a group comprised of (sincerely yours) a happy go lucky old student who dragged two oblivious new students into her twisted universe. I have no regrets in meeting the both of them though, since they helped me in adjusting into my old environment that was suddenly filled with new, unfamiliar faces. It’s nice having people around whom you know will stand by you even in the toughest (or funniest) of journeys.

Because at the end of the day, when everyone has turned their back on you, your true friends will show up being the family you can lean on in times of need.

And that’s when you know that the relationship you share with them, is something that is worth more than gold.


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