“After all this time?”


This conversation between Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape caught us all off guard. As we despised the former notorious Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher because of his apparent dark image throughout the whole story, this moment suddenly changed our views about him. Because this is when we realized the unconditional love that he always had for his one and only flower…

Lily Evans Potter.

Even though Snape was mistaken for a creepy bastard for mysteriously causing Harry some of his troubles, we can now prove how big of a heart he has. His shadowy figure of being a poker-faced professor who smells nothing but trouble was erased from the minds of all when he confessed that he still, and has always been, in love with Lily. This lasting feeling led him to protecting Harry without our knowing because he sees the boy as the living memory of his loved one.

So despite all the darkness that blinded him at times, Lily has always been his one ray of sunshine and hope.

Outside the Wizarding World, finding your “always” has been a matter of looking for something right in the wrong places. I’ve personally thought that I already found mine before, but in the end, some “always” just really turn into “never again.” Goodbyes are indeed hard when you’ve been poisoned by someone you love with the lies of everlasting comfort that they will be there for you until the end. But it’s just really the way things are. There’s nothing that the world can do for us to change this inevitable turn of events.

But there is something that you can do.

Because we ourselves can establish our own constant. Our own constant that will keep on reminding us how we are worth more than just an unsure forever. That we are our own definitions of love, because as cliche as it may seem, the statement about how you cannot give others what you don’t have or what you don’t give to yourself is actually true. Not only does this help you establish a sense of independence with your uncontrollable feelings but it also affects how you see the world and the people around you.

So don’t worry because someday, all the love that you’ve given away can be perceived by another as something that should be treasured for the rest of this twisted life.

And maybe somehow, love can make its way back to you with the promise of it staying with you, always.


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