Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

You may think that it is impossible to traverse the whole magical world of Harry Potter in just a short period of time. But hey, I’m here to tell you that it is not! So please appreciate this fantastic summary of all the stories about “The Boy Who Lived” and be amazed by how Paint, the artist behind the song, relived all of the legendary tales using his witty and catchy lyrics. You don’t even have to use the time turner to go back in time and recall all the memories in the Wizarding World!


There once was a boy named Harry
destined to be a star
his parents were killed by Voldemort
who gave him a lightning scar

Yo, Harry! You’re a wizard!


Harry goes to Hogwarts
he meets Ron and Hermione
McGonagall requires he play for Gryffindor

Draco is a Daddy’s boy
Quirrell becomes unemployed
The sorcerer’s stone is destroyed by Dumbledore


Ron breaks his wand
now Ginny’s gone
and Harry’s in Mortal danger

Tom Riddle hides
his snake inside
his ginormous secret chamber


Harry blows up Aunt Marge
The dementors come and take charge
Lupin is a wolf
The rat’s a man
and now the prisoner is at large

They use time travel so they can
save the prisoner of Azkaban
who just so happens to be Harry’s godfather.
I don’t really get it either.


Harry gets put in the Triwizard Tournament
With dragons and mermaids
Oh no; Edward Cullen gets slayed
He’s back.


Harry, Harry, it’s getting scary.
Voldemort’s back and you’re a revolutionary Harry
Dumbledore, Dumbledore,
Why is he ignoring your constant attempts to contact him?

He is forced to leave the school
Umbridge arrives, Draco’s a tool
Kids break into the Ministry
Sirius Black is dead as can be, oh


Split your soul, seven parts of a whole
they’re horcruxes, it’s Dumbledore’s end


There once was a boy named Harry
who constantly conquered death.
But in one final duel between good and bad
He may take his final breath


 (Lyrics were taken from here!)

(Find out more about Paint!)


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