A First World Muggle Problem: Feminism

In line with the controversies that tackle the issues behind gender inequality, the following petition is made by Ellyse Manansala of San Fernando, Philippines to encourage people, especially women who are seen as inferior to men, to be aware about the true meaning of Feminism, despite its ironically contradicting name.

The petition was entitled “Gender Inequality: Feminism” which described the author’s insights about the belief that men and women should be treated equally in the modern world, leaving in the past the once patriarchal society that we had. This appeal also stated that since the Philippines is a country with a mass population of Catholics, the Filipinos should therefore see Feminism as something that would bring them back to the roots of their being, and trace themselves back to where they acknowledge themselves to have come from, God.

“You can’t state difference and also state equality. We have to state sameness to understand equality.”

Also, being one of the most popular and influential feminists of our time, Emma Watson, that is credited to be a sufficient source of Feminist ideals, was quoted by Manasala wherein she quoted Watson’s 2014 United Nations Women Speech that says

“It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.”

Perhaps empowered by her influential role in the Harry Potter movies as Hermione, Watson may have absorbed the character of being “The Wisest Witch of All Time” and it may have emanated in her own personal life. Seeing the one and only Granger move about in the real world is actually a perfect chance to grasp the opportunity of using our own version of magic to fight for what we believe in. Like Emma, who still apparently slays ignorant pricks even behind the curtains of the films.


So what are you waiting for? Sign this petition now!

Want more of the stunning Harry Potter princess’ wits? Watch her full speech right here!


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